About Us


1. Selection! Every Rider Gets What They Want!

The number one reason that you should join the Tao Motor family as a dealer or customers is the selection of vehicles.Everyone in the family can find a vehicle that fits their lifestyle, size, and needs.

Scooters, Motorcycles & Electric Bicycle

From street bike riders looking to beat the traffic jams or those scooter cruises along the beach side, Tao Motor Canada has the perfect selection for your customers road vehicle needs. Tao Motor offers high quality power assisted Bicycle, electric scooter and electric motorcycle. We aim to provide affordable
alternative to cars and transportation.

ATVs & Dirt bikes

Tao Motor doesn’t just dominate the roads, we make the weekends fun! The off-road lineups are great for riding around the rand or up in the mountainous tough terrains. Rather you are out hunting in the wilderness or just weekend riding through the trails, you are bound to find something that you will love! Our ATVs and Dirt bikes come with top features that every rider looks for, such as ride time clocks, LED lights, Racks, Digital speedometers, Electric Start, and Automatic, Semi Automatic, and Fully Manual Transmissions. We are designed to fit the needs for beginners up to the most experienced riders.

Go Karts

Tao Motor offers the best of on and off-road go karts for kids and adults. We have single seat go karts to ride around the front yard with all the way up to family sized four seat go karts. They are appealing to the eye and great on the ranch. Most importantly, all vehicles have great parental features such as roll cages, seat belts, remote shut-off switches, and speed limiters. It is a great family buy and the top toy for Christmas and birthdays!

Kids & Electric Rides

Dirt bikes with training wheels, electric scooters and kids sized ATVs, Tao Motor Canada has the perfect ride for the little ones. With many small go kart options available and bright colored electric dirt bikes, Tao Motor will help customers make their birthdays, holidays, and summer vacations unforgettable. Safety is a top concern for Tao Motor and there are plenty of parental features such as remote control shut-off switches, multi-point seat belts, parental speed limiters, and high strength roll cages.

Families finally have an affordable option to get their young ones on a ride that they will love, is safe, and doesn’t break the bank.

2. Inventory

Tao Motor has over 300,000 square feet of inventory space in five warehouse that stretch across the U.S.A. and Canada including California, Texas, Indiana, Maryland, Georgia, Vancouver and Toronto. With over 50,000 vehicles on hand at any given time, your customers can be assured that they will get the color vehicle they want when they want it even if the vehicle is not sitting in your showroom. As a business owner you have enough on your plate and should not have to worry about vehicles being placed on backorder. Tao Motor receives new shipments of vehicles on a weekly basis in order to assure that our inventory is up to date and replenished.

3. Parts Stocked in the USA and Canada and Readily Available.

If you have ever had an experience with a Chinese powersports brand, you at some point have come across the issue of not being able to find parts or end up waiting months for parts to arrive from overseas. Tao Motor has flipped the script with two warehouses of over 25,00 square feet of parts consisting of over 6,000 SKU’s in Texas and Georgia. 5,000 square feet of parts in Toronto Canada. Give your customers peace of mind when purchasing and get the parts you need to service them when it’s time for maintenance. The best part, Tao Motor has worked hard to ensure we give you the best prices on all Tao Motor parts when you buy directly. To see our Parts Website and check prices yourself.

4. Affordability for Families and Customers

Tao Motor has become the world leader in Family Affordable Powersports and the U.S.A./Canada is no difference. As a customer, you will not break your bank to buy Japanese name brand powersports as your cost is a fraction of what name brand cost. Customers will be blown away by the Quality of Tao Motor and the difference of price compared to the name brands. A customer can purchase three ATV’s for their family for the price of one name brand. This makes it extremely easy to first time riders, weekend riders, or those kids who plan on hitting a growth spurt and will be too large for their kids sized go karts or dirt bikes in the matter of months. You may not be taking a podium spot on race day, but do not let the price point fool you as these vehicles come loaded with power, Dependability, and great features. Most importantly, Tao Motor backs their vehicles up with a Manufacturer Warranty!