Dealer Wanted

Dealer Wanted

Who could sell our products ?

Our product can be a great additional sales for small engine store, used car dealership, motorcycle and recreational vehicles stores, bicycle shop and ebike stores.

We aim to provide an affordable alternative to Cars and public transportation by providing power assisted bicycle and electric scooters. Also we have products for off-road family fun.

Q&A Videos

Our Youtube channel provide lots of instructions video, tips or repairs for our product. We believe sharing our knowledge with dealers and drivers, we could grow together.

Online Order system

24/7 access to our ordering system by login into account could provide product information, inventory level, price update.

Still not enough information, check out a href="">about us page for more information.

Service Point

If you are not ready to become one of our dealers, if you don’t want to spend money on inventory, or not sure whether our products could sell in your local area !!

why don’t you help us to server our customer country wide. We are looking for small engine store which could become our service point to service our customer. We could send you products so that our online customer could pick up at your store, driving people to your store, if customer need service for our product, they would know when to find you.

We ONLY ALLOW our dealers to sell our product in store, online sales is prohibited.

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